Debonding Plier Curved


Debonding Plier Curved

  • Bracket removing pliers are used for removing bonded brackets. The wide tips wedge between both the edges of the base of the bracket and the tooth surface(incisal-gingival direction), easily lifting off the bracket.
  • Available in two forms as straight (for anterior debonding) and with a 60° angled tip (which allows better access to posterior areas).
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  • Imported advanced nanometer alloy technology is applied in the jaw, solving the discoloring and abscission of alloy.
  • Special non-clearance hinge ensures tight junction of pliers, never relax even after life use.
  • Advanced riveting technique ensures more tight junction of the screw, and looks more beautiful.
  • The body of pliers is made of stainless steel. Fine grinding and polishing make pliers corrosion-resistant and always look new.
  • Ergonomic design and arc edge creates more comfortable hand holding for physicians and top safety guarantee for patients.
  • Processed under CNC production line, tens of special production equipments ensure excellent quality and nice performance of pliers.
Debonding Plier Curved


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