Endo Wise Motor



Endo Wise Motor

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  • Endo Wise Cordless Endo Motor
  • Features:Multiple reciprocating | Large OLED Screen, Long working time | Accurate torque control
  • Auto reciprocating when reach torque limit (Adapitve Torque)
  • Auto reverse when reach torque limit
  • Type:Portable / Cordless
  • Memory:10 Memory Setting
  • Rotation:Clockwise / Anti-Clockwise / Reciprocating
  • Recoprocating:Rotation Angle Adjustable
  • Apeed / Torque:800 Prm Max / 4.0N.cm Max
  • Battery:Rechargable / Replaceable
  • Charging:Micro USB
  • Display:OLED
  • Available Contra Angle:16:1
  • Apex Locator Control Motor Working Mode / Torque Control:Auto Start in the Root Canal | Auto Reverse when Reaching Apical Foramen | Auto Reverse when Exceeding the Torque Limit Value
Endo Wise Motor


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