About us

Metro orthodontics is one of the leading manufacturers and importers of finest and professionally designed orthodontic materials. General manager is a well-known orthodontist and material specialist in india.

We manufacture brackets, bands, tube, elastomer, wire and related products. we are CE and ISO 13485 registered manufacturer and exporting our products worldwide.

Our company has incorporated advanced manufacturing and precision testing equipment from foreign countries, and adopted procedure that is identical with international trend. This provides a firm base for higher quality.

We strongly value the quality of our products, while trying our best to develop new ones that are sold to many countries. Our products are both excellent in quality and affordable in price.

We owned R&D department and develop new products constantly to satisfy the market and our customers.

With some of the most advanced technology applied, such as CIM and MIM production lines, metro orthodontics has been recognized as one of the leading orthodontic suppliers in india.

We are looking forward to serve you wholeheartedly.


To provide quality products for better results.


The Company is established by an Orthodontist for the Orthodontists who understands the value of a product for best outcome. Quality products are made available within the reach at reasonable price.

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