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A Silicone Impression Material Bonasil A+ Light


A Silicone Impression Material Bonasil A+ Light

  • Pack of 1
  • 2x50ml cartridges
  • 6 mixing tips

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  • Is a low viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) correction impression material with optimized thixotropy to ensure easy handling.
  • Provides high accuracy in impression because of its exceptional elastic recovery and dimensional change together with its extra hydrophilic properties.


  • Two step putty/ wash technique
  • One step putty/ wash technique
  • Crown / bridge work
  • Inlay and onlay impressions
  • Reline impressions


  • Outstanding precision indetail reproduction
  • Ideal working/ setting time ratio
  • Highly thixotropic & ideal consistency
  • Exceptional dimensional stability and elastic properties
  • Very high tear strength
  • Extra-hydrophilic , void free and non-sticky.