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Eco Self Ligating Metal Brackets


Eco Self Ligating Metal Brackets

    With wires [10 pcs] and 1st molar tubes

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  • Lower friction force : Eco self-ligating brackets adopt a “passive slide” design, which effectively provides a consistent low frictional orthodontic force system. The edges of slot are all designed with comfortable arc-shaped and smooth schemes which facilitate release of binding force and notching resistance between wire and bracket. Therefore, teeth can slide towards their desired position more quickly and more comfortably with the lower friction.
  • Innovative hidden hook design : Hooks are provided separately and can be removed and replaced any time depending upon clinical situation.
  • Ultra-Slim profile design : With the premise that the brackets should meet the requirements of the first-order bend and self-strength, ECO self-ligating brackets minimize the thickness of the brackets, and provide the best comfort for patients.
  • Comfortable for the patient : In the ECO self-ligating brackets, all edges and tie-wings are designed with comfortable arc-shaped and smooth schemes. Together with the design of hidden hook and the consistent soft comfortable orthodontic force, the pain and discomfort of patients are largely alleviated.
  • Shorter treatment duration : ECO self-ligating brackets can accelerate the teeth movement because of the lower friction force system. Thus, the total orthodontic treatment duration can be shortened.
  • Easier unlocking and locking : The latest patented technology is applied in the ECO self-ligating brackets, which makes it more convenient and easier to conduct the unlocking and locking operations. The provided auxiliary tools or probes can be used to rotate and unlock the sliding lid