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M3 Large Taper Gold Files

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M3 Large Taper Gold Files

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  • Gold CM Alloy, non-cutting tip and sharp cutting edge assure its excellent resistance and flexibility at the same time
  • M3 pro Gold has various models for di erent usage habits: V.1 is the previous classic, V.2 is the previous version 2017, V.3 is the previous version 2018. e.g. V.3 starts with the opener 17/12 till 1/3 of root canal, 12/02vt, 16/02vt and 18/05 can create the Glide Path for all kinds of root canals safely, even servously curved cases, 25/06 and 35/04 can finish the preparation properly and clean the apical part deeply.
  • Available in 21mm, 25mm length.
  • Certification: Class IIa, CE, ISO

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19mm, 21mm, 25mm


SX, S1, S2, F1, F2, Assorted (SX-F3)